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The majority of the furnaces found in today’s home are natural gas and propane powered units. However a considerable number of home’s are still heated using fuel oil both in urban and outlying rural areas. While the number of fuel oil furnaces is in decline they are still present in

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Tuesday 9 April 2013
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Wanted to let people know what our customer's are saying about our Service and Dedication when called upon to assist families in a time of need!

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ServiceMaster Crews from the Central Wisconsin location continue to assist Hurricane Sandy victims.

Its been roughly over 1 week since our crews arrived in New Jersey.  Our guys have been putting in 14 hours days without a day off. 

National Weather Service Issues Severe Thunderstorm Warning!
Flooded Basement from Sump Pump Failure!
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National Weather Service Issues a Severe 
Thunderstorm Warning for most of the viewing area!

Yes, believe it or not that is rain!  After suffering the 3rd worst drought on record we finally are 
receiving welcomed rain.  But there are concerns obviously when you have so much rain in such a 
short amount of time; which is common with Severe Thunderstorms such as the ones we're 
experiencing this morning.