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Tuesday 19 June 2012

With Power Outages come Sump Pump Failures!
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Elderly Couples Flooded Basement
          Flooded basement from sump pump failure.

The early morning thunderstorm has led to power outages in Northern and Central Wisconsin. There are 2,129 customers without service in Wausau, 4,314 customers in Merrill and 1,856 in Antigo have lost power, according to the Wisconsin Public Service website.

With power outages usually comes headaches especially with the amount of rain received the last 24 hours.  For many homeowners power outages usually create issues during the night time hours regarding lights and alarm clocks resetting.  But the one thing that power outages can do regarding your home is have your sump pump fail.  Many homeowners don't have a battery back up for their sump pumps, because generally its something you don't think about until you experience a flooded basement.

If you experience a sump pump failure chances are your basement may be in danger of flooding.  If indeed your sump pump fails and you walk down to your basement to water, call on the Water Damage Restoration Pros at ServiceMaster Restoration Professionals of Wausau at 715-842-2488.

Water in your basement is a serious matter.  The most common story we hear from homeowners when they experience water in their basement is that they take out the shop vac, suck up the water and put a couple fans and a small dehumidifier in their basement and their good to go.  Despite the homeowners good intentions, more times than not we receive a phone call a couple weeks later.

And then the sad part.  A phone call from a homeowner asking if we can come out and scope out their basement because of the visible mold or the awful smell coming from the basement.  This is a tell tale sign that the water wasn't taken care of properly.

Don't be the homeowner that makes the same mistake so many do.  Call on ServiceMaster Restoration Professionals at 715-842-2488 to make sure that any water that's in your basement is taken care of properly and that your family is not put into harms way.