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Tuesday 9 April 2013

Customer Testimonies!
Peace of Mind Restored

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ServiceMaster - "Peace of Mind Restored"
Wanted to let people know what our Customer's are saying about our Service and Dedication when called to assist families in a time of need.

Be it from a Water/Sewer Backup Loss, Kitchen Fire or Carpet Cleaning Request.
  We can restore peace of mind and get you back into your home.

Finished Basement Sewer Backup in Mosinee

Customer Writes:

Our basement flooded this morning. After getting the OK from my insurance company around 2PM today, I contacted Service Master to have them do the clean up/sanitization work. They were here an hour and a half later and got right to work. I couldn't have dreamed of better service. My family and I thank you!!!!!

Kitchen Fire in Pittsville.

Customer Writes:

Thank you so much for all you did to ease our minds as well as restore order to our home after the kitchen fire.

When I walk into the kitchen now, the word I think of is redemption.  You took a real mess and redeemed it so there's no hint of chaos left.  I saved a charred piece of wood to remind us of what happened and of the grace we were shown.  It could have been much worse.

Each of your employees, sub-contractors were so good to work with.  They were patient and kind and did their jobs well.  We knew we could trust them to put their best effort into whatever they were assigned to do.

Please know we're not just thanking you, but thanking God for you.

Bill and Cindy

Carpet Cleaning Emergency in Marshfield

Customer Writes:

Thank You for cleaning the carpet in a client's room.  We appreciate the time and expertise you gave to "save" the carpeting.

Thank You for partnering with us so lives can be rebuilt, renewed and restored.


As you can see whatever your situation may be.  You can count on ServiceMaster Restoration Professionals to put the right people on the job to get the best end results.

If you or someone you know unfortunately suffers some type of loss over the next couple days with the impending storm over us for the next several days.  Please give them our phone number and we will certainly do everything humanly possible to help out.  We are also proud to say that we can serve our customers from 2 locations now.  Wausau and Stratford.

Wausau 715-842-2488
Merrill 715-536-4231
Stevens Point 715-344-1116
Stratford 715-687-8218